The “Right” Decision/Choice: The “Wrong” Decision/Choice

                                   The “Right” Decision/Choice: The “Wrong” Decision/Choice                                        To be present or to escape? That is the question.

It is a gift to have choices in life. To have the opportunity and resources of more than one “thing, product, event, opportunity” to choose between. We can choose what soap to use, what foods to eat, what route to drive, what mode of transportation to take, who to spend time with, what gathering to attend, what subject to study in school, what career to pursue, what type of home in which to live, what community in which to live, how to spend our money, and the list goes on…

With choices come freedom but can also come challenges. Have you ever been “troubled” by what choice to make? Have you ever been concerned about what the consequences might be if making the wrong choice. Sure there can be consequences if making the “wrong” choice. For instance, if we choose to take heroine, we will suffer the consequences, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. However if we choose the “wrong” toothpaste…is there such a thing as the “wrong” toothpaste? Only if you allergies, I suppose. But I think we can agree there are consequences to the choices we make whether “right” or “wrong.”

With that in mind, there are some things, which may not be so clear-cut as to what to choose. I am often quite concerned about making the “right” choice and what the devastating affects might be if I make the “wrong” choice.

Over the years, I have come to appreciate and savor the very gift of being present in the here and now. That is not always an easy place to be because life can be challenging, difficult, painful, happy, exciting, uncertain, tense, frightening, etc. So many emotions can be difficult to contain. When they are difficult to contain, we tend to do things (make choices), which help us to “escape.”

With this in mind, I would like to suggest that the choices we make will provide an environment for us to either be “present” or an environment for us to “escape.”

So, I would like to suggest that the “right” decision or the right “choice” is simply the one, which allows us to be present.

Shirlee Ashworth


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